The Dangers of Mold: What you Need To Know

The danger that black mold presents to humans and animals is well documented. Most people are aware that it can exacerbate existing health problems and cause health problems in some cases. It’s true that black mold is not something to play around with – it should be taken very seriously. However, any type of mold […]

How to Protect Your Home from Mold After a Storm

Heavy rainfall and storms do not have to cause flooding for mold to grow in your home. Excessive dampness can encourage the growth of mold which can ruin furniture, grow in the walls, and exacerbate health problems for people who have asthma, allergies, and other conditions.According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), minor mold issues, […]

Can Water Damage Be Hidden?

Water can be one of the most gentle substances on earth – and the most destructive. When it comes to your home, water damage can be devastating. However, if you can catch it early you can minimize the effects. But catching it early can be a challenge because water damage is not always easy to […]

Five Ways To Reduce Fire Damage Risk

A house fire is a terrifying possibility for any homeowner. It’s such a scary prospect not just because of the destructive potential it has to destroy your home and possessions but because of the threat to your life and the lives of your family members, it can pose. It’s impossible to live 100 percent stress-free […]

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