Fire Damage Restoration: What You Need To Know

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by | Sep 27, 2018 | Fire Damage

The events leading up to requiring fire damage restoration are harrowing enough without the added stress of trying to fix the aftermath. Fires have been a force of creation and destruction for over a billion years, stretching even further than the first time man learned of its use. At Total Restoration in Magnolia, we know that today’s modern age is no different- but the cleanup process is. Cavemen didn’t have to deal with insurance claims or permanent damage to the drywall, but you do. To make that process as simple as possible, here’s what you need to know. 
Understand the Potential Danger. Do not enter your home until you are given explicit permission from your fire department. Even if the damage does not look serious, you can’t always tell whether the fire has damaged the structure of the building, or whether it’s permanently out or has the potential of starting up again. Stay safe, and don’t take chances.
Time. Time is essential. The longer the fire damage restoration process is delayed, the more of a chance that further damage is being made to your property- and of course, the more damage, the greater the cost of fixing it. It is best to select a professional fire damage restoration company to restore your property. Attempting to do so independently is never recommended. Professional companies are best suited to prevent any long-term safety hazards and to fix problems that may not be evident at first glance or to the untrained eye. 
Contact Fire Damage Restoration SpecialistsThe sooner you contact professionals who specialize in fire damage restoration, the quicker they can start cleaning and restoring your Magnolia property. Your restoration team can also take you through the steps of what you will need to do and will work with your insurance company. They can help stablish an understanding of what your insurance will pay for- you don’t want any bills taking you by surprise. Take inventory of everything damaged/destroyed. Think before you throw things away- while it may be tempting to begin cleaning up, it’s best to wait for the restorer’s advice before tossing things. Keeping them may help you gain fair compensation in the long run. Again, do not attempt to fix things yourself. Oftentimes attempting your own repairs rather than that of a professional company can invalidate your insurance or lead to delays with your insurance company.
Take Preventive Measures After the Fire. Some of the damage can be prevented by your actions. Limit movement in fire-damaged areas to prevent the tracking of soot to other areas. Ventilate your home by opening windows and doors to avoid the smell from becoming permanent/difficult to remove. Place clean towels/linen over upholstered furniture and rugs. When in doubt, leave something be, but oftentimes there are ways for you to safely minimize damage until your preferred professional fire damage restoration company can step in. 
Be Cautious and Smart. Don’t wash painted surfaces without proper knowledge. Be cautious around electric appliances that may have had contact with the fire and/or water used to put it out. Do not turn on any electrical devices that were found near the fire. Do not consume food or drinks that were stored near the location of the fire. If damage to your home has made it unsafe to stay in, find a nearby hotel. Many insurance providers cover temporary accommodation- check with yours.

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