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by | Oct 28, 2019 | Fire Damage

An estimated 358,500 home fires occur every year; about half of them were caused by cooking. After the danger has passed, you have a difficult project ahead. Cleaning up after a fire is a much different process than a regular weekend ‘tidy up.’ You will need professional help. Here is the typical fire damage cleanup process:

Safety First, Then Assess

As soon as the Total Restoration techs arrive at your home, the safety of your family and home are the top priority. The absolute first step of a remediation professional is checking that the property is safe to enter. The team will search for signs of structural damage and carefully inspect the property from the outside before opening the door.
Next, our fire damage restoration company will assess the extent of the damage by exploring how far the fire, the smoke, and airborne soot have traveled. In order to create a precise plan of action and an accurate quote, we will document the damage to your walls, furniture and possessions. At every step of the way, the technician will wear proper gear– to protect themselves and your possessions. 

Focus On Soot And Debris

Post-fire rooms are a mess. It is very important not to contaminate non-damaged rooms. Before any water damage or fire damage restoration processes can begin, all debris and soot must be removed from the home. The soot can cause more damage the longer it remains on a surface; it is abrasive and caustic. Any debris will be in the way during the restoration process so they will haul off trash to keep worksite tidy.  Removing the soot and debris will also improve the air quality and reduces airborne odors. 
As soon as the team can begin work, protecting your home from additional damage will influence the workflow.  Soot can stain metals, plastics, grout, carpeting, textiles and wood when it adheres to surfaces. Rust and corrosion is a risk whenever water touches metal. Components and conductors in electronics can corrode, and the risk of electrical shock is increased.
Sometimes it is necessary to remove items that don’t appear to be damaged in order to prevent cross-contamination. Total Restoration will help determine the best course of action in each situation. Often the professionals can clean these items offsite and return them once the home is restored. 
Mold and mildew are always a concern. Fire extinguishing processes using water may provide opportunities for spores to flourish. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. Taking aggressive steps now can minimize future damage.

Now Deodorize And Clean

Professionals use specific cleaning products, equipment and techniques on the various materials in your home.  Carpets, curtains and other fragile fabrics need special attention, not all can be shampooed and washed with plain water.
During this fire damage restoration process, companies will also ensure to remove any odors that can linger after the smoke has been in the room. Commercial air scrubbers, ionizers and dehumidifiers might be used to control humidity and clean the air. Perhaps your home would benefit from an ozone generator to destroy the smoke molecules that are left behind and are causing the odor.  

Restore What Is Necessary

After all the dirty, smelly burnt items are removed, odds are that your home will need some repairs. This restoration stage is both 1) repairing furnishings and 2) repairing the home.  To return your home to its best, the full-service fire damage restoration team might repair wooden cabinets, replace baseboards, and restore floors. Total Restoration knows the southeast Texas market and has relationships with suppliers to get the exact materials to match your existing finishes. 

For Fire Damage Restoration In Magnolia

After you have suffered from fire damage, call Total Restoration for professional help. The team provides 24-hour emergency services to help both commercial and residential properties in the Houston area. By working closely with you and your insurance company, claims can be settled quickly. 

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