Causes Of Crawl Space Water Damage

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by | Feb 5, 2019 | Water Damage

A crawl space is like a drawer where you store your tax information. It’s filled with important stuff, but it never gets opened. Further, because crawl spaces are usually only visited with mice and spiders, significant damage can go unnoticed—for a long time! The foundation of your home should be investigated every few months in order to ensure there’s no hidden water damage. However, since crawl spaces are a foreign topic for most people, let’s take a look at causes and solutions of crawl space water damage in Conroe.
Excess humidity
Some homes, especially old homes, have humidity problems. You likely know this problem well. Since crawl spaces usually have poor ventilation, the slightest degree of water will evaporate out of the ground and into the crawl space. This can cause a host of problems: mold, a musty smell, and unwanted critters. In fact, some homes with crawl spaces find that they constantly have a thin layer of water sitting on the ground. Let’s call that a recipe for disaster. If this sounds like your crawl space, skip below for tips and tricks on how to mitigate the damage.  
Leaky Or Broken Pipes
If you smell anything that reminds you of wet clothes left in the dryer, it’s probably a good indication of some hidden water damage. Check your pipes. Then check them again. Homeowners with crawl spaces are at a slight disadvantage because they can’t see water damage beginning to form. Kitchens and bathrooms make it relatively easy to spot issues because of the rooms’ visibility. Unfortunately, pipes are among the more difficult issues to correct, so consider calling a professional for instruction.
Roof Leak
It’s not very likely that crawl spaces become contaminated with roof leaks; however, some homes have crawl spaces directly underneath the roof. Signs of warped floorboards, mold, and wet wall are clear indicators of water damage. The problem is easy to locate, but water damage problems in the attic require a professional water damage cleanup professional.
How To Dry Out A Crawl Space
Filled with mystery pipes and connectors, crawl spaces can be tricky to navigate. Many homeowners don’t know how to approach cleanup from a water damage standpoint. All of us have had experience cleaning the kitchen after a spill of re-caulking the bathroom, but restoring a crawl space back to its dry, undamaged state is another story.
Water damage do-it-yourself is a hot topic. If you attempt a self- lead restoration project, be sure to be well-versed in precautionary safety tips and proper cleanup techniques. For example, wear gloves whenever working with contaminated water and throw away anything that could latch on to bacteria during the process.
For a temporary solution to water damage, you can use a dehumidifier or industrial drier to dry the area. Typically this fights the problem long enough for professional water damage experts to locate the source of the damage. If you find this approach works well, it may be wise to visit your local hardware store in Conroe and purchase a dehumidifier. Especially if the sole cause of damage is from excess humidity, a dehumidifier is a great, relatively inexpensive way to fight mold growth and humidity.
It takes a great deal of specialized knowledge to clean up after crawl space damage. What should I throw away? What should I keep? Does anything need to be replaced? Are there any health dangers of me going into the area? You may find it easier to contact the professionals at Total Restoration in Conroe for the answers. Our expert team will salvage everything we can and replace anything that puts you and your family at risk. Efficient and thorough, our team will reduce causes of future damage and put you at rest.

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