How to Stay Safe During a Mudslide

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Water Damage | 0 comments

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Water Damage

 Mudslides are common in areas where hurricanes can pass through, and they are much more dangerous than they sound. Your everyday mud doesn’t seem so threatening, but when it is moving at a fast pace and carrying debris along with it, it can be a major hazard to your health as well as to your home. You will likely need to hire a water damage cleanup crew to come help with the aftermath in your home, but here are some ways for you to personally stay safe during a mudslide in Conroe, Texas


Keep Alert

Many times, mudslides can be predicted before they occur, so it is important to keep alert, especially at night. If you are in a warning area, try to stay awake and keep your radio or television on if possible to keep up to date on the warnings. If you have anyone else in your home, it would be a good idea to take shifts and let each other sleep. Look for warning signs outside your home like leaning trees. 



Evacuating is the best way to stay safe during a mudslide. It can be dangerous to evacuate if you wait too long, however, so it is important to leave as soon as possible after you get a warning of a slide. If you live in an area where there have been mudslides in the past and you are going to have a hurricane come through soon, then you could make your home ready by putting your valuables on the higher stories of your home or packing them to go with you when you leave. That way you will save yourself and your water damage cleanup crew some things to sift through after the mudslide has passed. You also won’t be stuck in the straggler’s traffic when you decide to leave. 

If you are on foot and caught off guard by a mudslide, then you should run diagonally to it get out of its path. You should never run alongside it because they can move very quickly and you might not be able to outrun it. 


High Ground

If you live in a multiple story home, always go up to the highest point possible. If you are in the midst of a mudslide and it is too late to evacuate, go onto your roof, if possible. Search crews will be able to see you more easily on your roof, but if you are unable to go out there, don’t worry, rescue teams will be on their way shortly. Make sure to protect your neck with your arms from falling debris until the slide is over. 


The Aftermath

After the slide has passed, you still may be in danger from disease carried by the water. Make sure you call a water damage cleanup crew as soon as possible after a mudslide. These companies will likely be very busy at that time, so you want to make sure to get on their list. The longer water floods your home, the more drastic the damage can be. 

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