Can Water Damage Be Hidden?

Water can be one of the most gentle substances on earth – and the most destructive. When it comes to your home, water damage can be devastating. However, if you can catch it early you can minimize the effects. But catching it early can be a challenge because water damage is not always easy to detect. And that can be a problem.

Is water damage visible?
There are ways that you can detect water damage, but it isn’t always visible. This can lead to major problems because most people miss the early warning signs of water damage. Knowing those early signs though can save you a lot of money in the long run in costly repairs and water damage restoration.
Some of the common early signs of water damage may be noticed but many homeowners don’t make the connection.

  • Rancid or Musty
  • Smell Visible Mold
  • Water Stains
  • Utility Bill Increases
  • Bubbling or Warping Paint

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you should call a professional to investigate and find the source of the issue.

Can water damage show up later?
Water damage often begins right away and embarks on a destructive path that gets increasingly worse if not addressed swiftly. Immediately after being exposed to water, the walls, floors, furniture, and contents of the home become saturated. If left untreated, mold can begin to grow within about 48 hours, but it can take up to a week. Within 24 hours drywall can start to break down. Within a few days, doors, windows, and floors. So, even if you don’t notice water damage in your home right away, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. It might be hidden.

What is hidden water damage?
Hidden water damage is caused by an undetected leak or a leak that you can’t see that originates from several issues, including:

  • Plumbing problems like a broken pipe
  • A household appliance that is leaking
  • Problems with the internal systems of the home, such as rust, corrosion, deterioration, or undetected wear and tear
  • Windows that are poorly sealed
  • Roof leak into the attic
  • Interior humidity that exceeds 70% for an extended time
  • Humidity caused by activities like showers in a room that does not have exhaust ventilation.

What’s more, water travels, so if there is a leak, the damage most likely will not remain in the immediate area of the leak. It will travel and you can have damage beyond the leak.

How is water damage detected?
A professional can detect water damage in your home by inspecting the area and noting any of the telltale signs that include a musty odor and bubbling paint. Sometimes they will need to track the damage to its source. They will also observe the area to see if there is evidence of any conditions in the home that would promote excess moisture.
If they suspect excess moisture or water damage, they may use a moisture measuring device that will help them find hidden damage and create a plan to repair it.
Hidden water damage can carry a serious price tag. Total Restoration can help you find the damage before it gets out of hand and provide emergency restoration. Schedule a consultation today or talk to one of our friendly representatives to learn more.

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